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Support local artists & save lives

Center artists' voices in messaging positive health outcomes for Springfield communities

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Center artists voices where they are most powerful & creating a healthy Springfield, MA

"Transfer Trust is an important example of how communities can leverage the arts and an understanding of trust – where it is lacking and where it is strong - to address critical issues, like the COVID-19 pandemic. The project has demonstrated that power can be shared, trust can be built, and artists can lead communities toward health and equity. I would love to see this model applied in communities across the country to build strong and enduring cross-sector partnerships that center the power of the arts and artists to build healthier and more equitable communities."
Dr. Jill Sonke, Director, Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida & Senior Advisor, CDC’s Vaccine Confidence & Demand Team, COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force.
Art Response Repository & Field Guide.

Trust Transfer Project is a partnership between Community Music School of Springfield and Springfield Cultural Partnership, led by Program Director Vanessa Ford.
Trust Transfer Project is Center artists voices in messaging and engage BIPOC artists where they are most powerful. This new initiative allows our local artists to lead in health messaging that will directly impact the lives of their family, neighbors and friends. This project model offers a unique opportunity for us to depend on one another to share and receive health messages in a creative and inspirational way. We’re building trust through the eyes of the most impacted by health crisis. This project seeks to transform the health of our communities one artistic message at a time.